Cottage Units 115-120

Cottages By a Fire-Pit

"Thank you for a wonderful, relaxing evening. We had a fantastic time. The staff was pleasant, friendly and very helpful. We were very impressed. We can't wait to come back!  Keep up the great work!" Sincerely, Kellee S.

We loved it here and are already talking about next year and to bring some friends. This site should be seen by everyone. Like a second honeymoon to us. The staff was so nice and accommodating.  The added extra touches and extreme care put forth were very apparent."    --J.R.

"Upscale rooms without upscale price!"

Unit #115 = Deck, 1 Queen, Love Seat, Desk, Patio Furniture, Dinette, Fireplace, Jacuzzi    Request 115

Unit #116 = Bay Window, 1 King, Sofa, Kitchenette, Desk, Dinette, Fireplace, Jacuzzi         Request 116

Unit #117 = Deck, 1 Queen, Futon, Dinette,Patio Furniture, Fireplace, Jacuzzi                       Request 117

Unit #118 = Bay Window, 2 Queens, Futon, Kitchenette, Desk, Dinette, Fireplace, Jacuzzi   Request 118

Unit #119 = Deck, 1 King, Futon, Desk, Dinette, Patio Furniture, Fireplace, No Jacuzzi      Request 119

Unit #120 = Bay Window, 1 King, Futon, Dinette, Arch Bench, Fireplace, Jacuzzi              Request 120

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