Women's Retreat: "The All-Inclusive Christ"

An Essential Retreat for You
April 17-19, 2015

Women have different situations, different needs with all differences from one another, that is why our Lord is all-inclusive to meet all your needs and situations, and your heavenly Father is omniscient, knowing you better than you know yourself. He knows you, loves you and would never give up on you because you are His child. He cherishes you, nourishes you until you grow in His divine life… Come away to this special retreat, listen, learn, enjoy and speak Christ’s all-inclusiveness…   Read the Brochure ..    

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What is this piece of land? Never forget, this land is the all-inclusive Christ. Not just Christ, but the all-inclusive Christ. If I were to ask you if you have Christ, you would answer, “Oh, praise the Lord, I have Him; I have Christ!” But I would ask you what kind of Christ you have. I am afraid that in your experience you have just a little Christ, a poor Christ, not an all-inclusive Christ.

Let me tell you a story, a real story. Not long after I was saved, I studied the Scriptures, and I was taught that the passover lamb was the type of Christ. Oh, when I learned this, how I praised the Lord! I exclaimed, “Lord, I praise You, You are the lamb; You are the lamb for me!” But I would ask you to compare the lamb with the land. What kind of comparison can you make between a little lamb and a great land? What is the lamb? You must say that it is Christ. But I would tell you that it is a little Christ. That was not the goal of God for His people. God never told them, “All right, as long as you have the lamb, that is sufficient.” No. God told them in effect that the reason He gave them the lamb was to bring them into the land. The passover was for the land.

Do you have Christ? Yes, you have Christ. But what kind of Christ do you have, a lamb or a land? All the people of Israel had the lamb on that Passover Day in Egypt, but very few, I’m sorry to say, got into the land. Very few took possession of that piece of land.          

                                                                          (Excerpt from "The All-Inclusive Christ"  by Witness Lee)

An Invitation to All:
Dinner-Meeting at the Manor
Every 1st or 2nd Wednesday of the Month
5:30 to 8:00 pm  Next Meeting: November 12, 2015
To Read, Share, Enjoy this classic book:
The All-Inclusive Christ