Retreats with BibleWalk & Other Churches

God changes lives at Spruce Hill.

Sometimes to advance, you must retreat. A retreat offers time to stop and rest, turn off a little so you can turn on again  It is time to return to the basics: basic attitudes, basic beliefs, and the basic balance of life, Above all a retreat is a rest in God, in whom "we live and move and have our being."

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.“This has been the most beautiful weekend of my life.  I will pray for all I have met this weekend.  I will remember this place for the rest of my life.”                                                  

 “Thank you so much.  I am so renewed and ready to spread the love in my heart to every person I meet.   Will be back and bring others.”                                                                  

“This certainly has been a blessed weekend for me.  Such sweet moments of fellowship and intimacy with my Lord. May the Lord continue to strengthen you all who do His will.”            

 “As always, the retreat was everything I had planned for –relaxing, serene and refreshing.”  

“My room was beautiful.  I loved being in the same room this year –it was like coming home.  The new colors were surprising at first but actually very restful and comforting. They were so relaxing I rested quite a bit.”  

"We want to thank you for creating an atmosphere for us to have such a wonderful experience at our marriage retreat last weekend.  Your facility is beautiful. The kindness of providing a delicious breakfast and the overall gift of love shown to us was greatly appreciated."    

"It was the first time I have ever been down your way, and it certainly was very nice.  I would recommend it to anyone who wanted to have some relaxing time away.  May God richly bless you in all you do.  We had a wonderful time at our marriage retreat.  The accommodation and food were outstanding.  Thank you very much."