Cottage Units 101-114

Cottages Fronting a Pond

"...another group of cabins sat clustered around a small, scenic pond — an excellent setting for a summertime cookout, I’d guess. Numerous trees dot the property, adding to the natural effect. The views through the bare trees across the surrounding farm-studded countryside were superb. As pretty as Spruce Hill was in winter, though, I couldn’t help pondering how gorgeous it must be when the new green shoots of spring arrive or during the arboreal fireworks of autumn."
    --(Steve Stephens -Columbus Dispatch)

Unit #101  = Deck, 2 Queens, Futon, Dinette, Fireplace, Jacuzzi                                      Request 101

Unit #102  = Bay Window, 2 Queens, Futon, Kitchennete, Dinette, Fireplace, Jacuzzi        Request 102

Unit #103  = Deck, 2 Queens, Futon, Dinette, Fireplace, Jacuzzi                                       Request 103

Unit #104 = Bay Window,1 King, Kitchenette, Desk, Dinette, Fireplace, Jacuzzi              Request 104

Unit #105  = Deck, 2 Queens, Futon, Patio Furniture, Dinette, Fireplace, Jacuzzi              Request 105

Unit #106 = Bay Window, 2 Queens, Futon, Kitchenette, Dinette, Fireplace, Jacuzzi       Request 106

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We wanted to say thank you for the wonderful accommodations. To us it was an A++. The room was lovely and the massage was fabulous. And you went above and beyond. You provided us with a beautiful and huge specially delivered to our door buffet breakfast that was a sheer delight. This trip was a much needed getaway for my husband and I. We have been through so much the last five husband has had cancer and I have had 7 very serious hand surgeries resulting from a fall that caused my wrist to shatter which also caused me to lose my much beloved secretarial job as I can no longer do the work of a secretary due to my hand situation. As you can well imagine, the bills have poured through our door and we have lived on God's miracles. You are one of them. We could not have afforded any more expense for the breakfast although we had spoke about it and had wished for it. And then it arrived, wow! God is so good, and we wanted you to know that so are you! May you and your establishment be blessed and overflowing! Thank you SO much again!  Sincerely, Kevin and Diane