Bringing Friends and Family Together!  

Enjoy the flexibility and variety that Spruce Hill offers to  accommodate your family and friends who come for a class or family reunion.  You may rent either the Victorian Manor or Country Lodge as your gathering place to eat, hold activities, have fun, or to simply sit, talk, catch up, and enjoy being together again.  The cottages are perfect for couples or families who want to have their own little space, while enjoying as well the features of the big houses with others. Spruce Hill is both proud and humbled to be a part of your memory-making events, which family and friends share and build together, treasure and remember in their lifetime.   Book the Manor/ Lodge Now! 

Family = laughter, lifetime, memories, happiness, love, peace, parents, clan, ancestry, kinship, home, friendship, relatives, good times.  Friends = confidant, bosom buddies, pal, laughter, love, amigos, cohort, family, happiness, smile, memories, good times, fun, partners in crime..