Gift Certificate Flash Sale & Poll

By Elizabeth Clark

August 12, 2016

It’s hard to believe, in two months, it will be our 10th year anniversary owning and managing Spruce Hill Inn & Cottages.    It was October 6, 2006, when Jim, my husband, Tim, our  3-year old son, and I came to Mansfield, Ohio from Anaheim, California to close on the purchase of Spruce Hill.  I was so happy and thrilled when Craig Donley, the former owner and developer, handed us  the office key, turning  over to us his 5-year old ‘baby’ project.  And how we took care of her for the next 10 years with our blood, sweat and tears!  It was quite a challenging but enjoyable ride. We met great people like you! Thank you for your patronage and support.  We survived the 2008-2009 economic downturn, and we thrived .  We will operate Spruce Hill for another year.  Come November 2017, we will change direction to move to better and greater heights.  There are four exciting choices what Spruce Hill could be that Jim and I are contemplating on: 

  1. Sell  to Living Stream Ministry to be developed as a Christian Retreat and Training Center
  2. Sell  to the Association of Network Marketing Professionals to be developed  as a Business Training Center. 
  3. Sell to Disneyland or WorldVentures  to  be developed as a premier recreational destination
  4. Sell to Hilton or Trump Organization to be developed as a luxury conference center and vacation facility 

Spruce Hill is yours, too, and you have the power to influence her future. Well, this you can do to participate in the decision-making process:  Buy a gift certificate for $100 that gives you a 150% value and one vote to cast on any of the 4 options above.  Yes, gift certificates are on flash sale now. Buy one for $100 with $150 value which you can redeem until October 2017.  Call 419-756-2200 or go to to order your certificates and book your cottage right away.    Sale ends October 6, 2016.  Rooms will sell fast, and this could be your last time to stay  at Spruce Hill.  We will let you know the results on October 7th. Buy, participate, and get excited!  All the best!


Jim, Tim and Beth Clark  

PS. So where are we going when Spruce Hill has changed hands?   My family and I will stick around in the country for 2 more years building our network marketing travel business,  then move to the Philippines, my country and be full-time in church ministry. If it is okay with you, we will take your email addresses with us and keep you posted on our journey.  Thank you again!   Life is an exciting adventure! God bless us all! 

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