Malabar Farm - Dinner Tour

February 9, 2012

Malabar Farm - Dinner Tour

Malabar Farm, just a few miles away, is one of Ohio's state parks where visitors can explore life on a farm and the beauty of nature. Enjoy their guided 32-room Mansion Tour and Farm Wagon Tour, and non-guided October Hay Rides. Explore one or two of their several park trails. Then come to Malabar Farm Restaurant that serves up more than history and all natural farm products. Experience fine French cuisine, the rich creamy sauces, fresh vegetable and fine desserts. Before heading back to Spruce Hill, don't forget to visit the Country Store for gifts, souvenirs, and more.

$170 + tax - Sun, Tues-Thurs or
$195 + tax - Fri. or Sat. Includes Dinner and a House Tour for 2 people

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