13 year-old singer/philanthropist to visit Mansfield

By Tracy Graziani, Richland Source

October 17, 2013

Matthew Parry-Jones, accompanied by AJ Mantero and Lou Baron, will bring their Hollywood stylings to Mansfield to perform a red carpet meet and greet concert at the Renaissance Theatre on October 26 from 4-7 p.m. The proceeds from the event will benefit the Spruce Hill Youth Hall & Training Center as well as Jeremiah’s Foundation.

Elizabeth Clark, owner of Spruce Hill Inn, befriended Evelyn Parry-Jones through mutual friends and in time the two decided to collaborate on this endeavor.

In some ways Parry-Jones is like many pre-teens in Southern California. He acts, he sings, he models, and has big dreams for a bright future. But Parry-Jones is more than that. On top of his emerging career he also has the distinction of being an active philanthropist.

The Jeremiah Foundation is named for the performer’s deceased brother, but the inspiration was children he hadn’t yet met. One day Parry-Jones noticed his mother was upset while watching television.

“I saw this video and my mom was crying. It was about Philippino kids who were starving. They were digging food out of garbage cans and it made me cry too. I wanted to do something, make a difference,” said Parry-Jones. So, at the age of eight he founded a charity. Currently the Jeremiah’s Foundation feeds 200 children in his family’s native country, the Philippines.  (News Taken from Richland Source)     

ABS-CBN, an American Philippine News Network, has named Parry-Jones one of the most outstanding Philipinos in the world. Most recently he was recognized by the organization Philipinos for Good Governance for his humanitarian work including the efforts of Jeremiah’s Foundation.

Parry-Jones began singing at four years of age and acting when he was only two. He has television and film credits already in addition to modeling and commercial acting, and he and his mother expect this to be just the beginning of a very bright future for the young star. You can view the music video of his performance of “La Vie En Rose,” which will be included in the Oct. 26 performance, on " target="_blank">YouTube.

In addition to the performance, Spruce Hill Inn is also hosting a dinner-dance benefit on October 25 from 6-9 p.m. For more information or tickets for either event contact Spruce Hill Inn, 419-512-6842.

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