Gift Baskets Available

February 9, 2012

Sweetheart: $39
Keepsake Flute Glasses, Non-Alcoholic Champagne, Chocolates, Assorted Snacks, Candles, Bath Salts

Winter Fun: $39
Keepsake Mugs, Hot Chocolate, Cider, Bottled Water, Herbal Tea, Assorted Snacks, Novelty Item

Coffee Lovers: $39
Keepsake Mugs, Gourmet Coffee, Cappuccino, Tea, Frappaccino, Biscotti, Assorted Snacks

Fruit Basket: $39
Keepsake Mugs, Assorted Seasonal Fruits, Bottled Water, Rootbeer, Cookies, Assorted Snacks

Enjoy our complimentary continental breakfast at the Station House. Reservations are recommended.  Hot Breakfast in Bed can be ordered for $10/ person. Ask for menu. Reservations and orders are to be placed no later than 9:00 pm.

We have a wide selection of DVD movies you can rent for $1 each.

Wireless high speed internet is available on the hill. Please mention at time of reservation that you need the internet so you will be placed in a cottage where you get an excellent signal.

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