Bible Walk

February 9, 2012

Bible Walk

The table is set & we are waiting for you. You are invited to: "Dinner with Grace"- a delicious meal & a riveting Gospel Portrayal. These plays don't play. They change lives! BIBLEWALK is Ohio's only life-sized wax museum featuring 70 life-sized dioramas accompanied with special effects & an audio text that will provide an experience of a lifetime. Come away & take an unforgettable walk of faith thru the Bible: March 19-April 16 (Sat) -"He Brought Us Out of Egypt" May 14-Sept 24 (Sat) -"The Essential Ingredient #2, Oct. 22-Dec. 17 (Sat) -"The Hidden Treasure"

$185 + tax (includes Dinner & Tour for 2)

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