Happy New Month! Happy New Day!

By Elizabeth Clark

June 1, 2023

Happy New Month!  Happy New Day!

An InnKeeper's Life (Blog #2)

Today is June 1, 2023! Happy new month! Happy new day! Each day is truly a blessing, and it's such a joy to be alive! Today, I want to share some heartfelt thoughts with you all. As I turn 60 in December this year, I find myself reflecting on life's precious moments and the incredible journey that lies ahead. How I wanted to live 60 more years!

I feel immensely grateful to the Lord for the blessings He has bestowed upon me and my husband. One of our greatest blessings is our son, Timothy, who is now 20 years old. Timothy may not be in college at the moment, but he is here with us helping us operate Spruce Hill, -mowing the yard, building the pavilion, attending to guests, and that brings us tremendous joy and pride (and some disappointment, I admit. Because how I wanted him instead to be out of here in a city somewhere to further his education and have great adventures!)
Yesterday, I had a heart-to-heart conversation with Timothy, where I expressed my deepest feelings to him. I told him, "Son, you are our legacy, your dad's and mom's only legacy. And we thank the Lord for you! You can be anything you want, and you have the power to change the next generations!. Please live your life well, honoring both God and your fellow humans. Go to college, learn great things, be the best of what you can be, to better yourself and the world! If only I could live your life, I would embrace every opportunity and fulfill all the dreams I hold dear. But my hope lies in you, my son, to accomplish those dreams on my behalf."
I want Timothy to know that even though we may have our fair share of disagreements and arguments, my love for him knows no bounds. My son, you are deeply cherished, and my care for you is immeasurable. Your happiness and well-being are of utmost importance to me, and I will always be there to love you and support you through thick and thin.
Today, I will go to my doctor for a checkup after 14 days since my ankle hardware removal surgery, and I am filled with a sense of purpose and a renewed vigor for the future. There are so many places I want to go to, things I still long to do and experience. I dream of leaving a positive impact, embracing new adventures, and cherishing every moment that life presents.
So, my dear friends, as we welcome a new day and a new month, let us remember the preciousness of life and the love we have for our families. Let us seize every opportunity to make a difference and live our lives to the fullest. May this month be filled with abundant blessings, joy, and countless reasons to be grateful.
(My 2 favorite photos: Jim and Tim in 2011 at a car shop, in 2021 at a courthouse. Hmm, if I could only predict the future: another photo of the two in 2031 at the hospital. -waiting for the baby! haha!)

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