Fresher As the Morn

By Elizabeth Clark

April 24, 2018

Fresher As the Morn

This was taken exactly a year ago today. Wish I could post current colorful happy spring photos. Right now it is cloudy, gloomy, rainy, and my tulips are not out yet at all. Hmmm, we "old" people live on our memories, but we need to press on to experience a new Christ each day no matter what our present circumstances are...We more than conquer through Him. In those hard, difficult, discouraging situations we can conquer through Him. Let our love toward Him be fresher each day and He will sweep away all the darkness and oldness inside of us. Let's fight the good fight, finish the course, keep the faith to receive the reward of the heavenly kingdom! Happy Tuesday Spring, everyone!



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Helen Rubio at 5:52am EDT - May 24, 2018

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