A Blade of Grass

By Elizabeth Clark

April 5, 2018

A Blade of Grass

Winter has overstayed, and spring has failed to download so many times. Like a blade of grass, I too have been longing to break through. It has been over six months now since that horrific morning in September when my small world was hit and rattled. I am still in the woods here in my little cottage nursing my short broken arm, my swelling smashed foot, my aching little body, while taking care of Spruce Hill affairs and family. Jim and I are a good team, I take the phone calls in our bed, and he is my 'errand boy' meeting and taking care of the guests.  We both cook too. I prepare brunch at our kitchenette, and he takes care of 'lun-din' with Applebees, Bob Evans, Cracker Barrel, El-Charritos. He runs also his tax business in our cottage so he needs assistance with cooking.  Our 15-year-old son Tim is now 5'8", thanks for all the long naps he took while healing. He is back in school and walks, jumps and runs well like nothing happened. For me it is a slow healing process even with 16 weeks of rehab therapies. I will see my orthopedic doctor on Tuesday for another evaluation. Arthritis, ankle replacement, crooked hand, and a funny walk are some of the long term effects of my injuries. I do miss my freedom, my strong independent self going places doing lots of things. I still cry a lot sometimes even blaming myself especially when pain, weakness, helplessness engulf me. Maybe this is a condition that I won't totally come out of, but one to remain at for a long time -so I can embrace my weaknesses and limitations, and simply depend on Him day by day enjoying His precious presence and sweet shepherding. Lord, I submit, I don't wrestle with you anymore. You touched my stronger part, but let not my suffering and pain be wasted with no meaning or purpose. Deal with me if you have to but don't break me for I am fragile and weak. Release and bless me richly and powerfully. Make me hold onto the power of your resurrection life that defeats all weaknesses and death. Yes, I will break through and come out living and joyful, effective and inviting, warm and beautiful! Thank you, thank you...

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