Ducks (1919)

By F.W. Harvey

April 27, 2018

From troubles of the world I turn to ducks,
Beautiful comical things sleeping or curled
Their heads beneath white wings
By water cool, or finding curious things...
When God had finished the stars and whirl of colored suns
He turned His mind from big things to fashion little ones;
Beautiful tiny things (like daisies) He made, and then
He made the comical ones in case the minds of men
Should stiffen and become dull, humorless and glum,
And so forgetful of their Maker be
As to take even themselves – quite seriously.
Caterpillars and cats are lively and excellent puns:
All God’s jokes are good – even the practical ones!
And as for the duck, 1 think God must have smiled a bit
Seeing those bright eyes blink on the day He fashioned it.
And he’s probably laughing still at the sound that came
out of its bill!

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